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Thokolosche is an ugly troll, reputed by African legend to be a great seducer of women. Once served by Thokolosche the women have little interest in their men. Thus men put their beds up on stilts so that the diminutive troll can’t reach to get into the bed.

A picture of Thokolosche has been banned to the cellar in Maurice’s house on the island of Jersey.

Maurice is desperate to hit it off with some of the holiday girls visiting the island. He tries his luck with Deidre from Dartford. A silly boast gets him into all sorts of scrapes but when Deidre accidentally sees Thokolsche lurking in the cellar gloom, our African myth-figure decides to pull out all the stops to give Maurice his big break. Thokolosche is helped by Deidre's desire to test her sub-conscious attitude to sleeping with an ugly troll!


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