The Starnberger See and The Wasteland

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April in Starnberg


The young, recently divorced office girl Debbie, feels it’s about time she filled her newly won free time, by fixing up her much older boss with a woman. To this end she suggests he pays for a holiday for them both - separate rooms of course.

Debbie soon finds that the private man behind the boss facade runs much deeper. He chose to take her to the Stanberger See in April. When she asks him, “why Starnberg?” he starts reciting the Waste Land. He had chosen a holiday destination because it occurs in a poem??? This was new territory for Debbie.


A series of twists and turns lead to Debbie to believe that her boss really isn’t interested in her, but when he finally, by chance, gets hold of the whole poem, he is able to reveal his full feelings.

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