The Poem 'Six' was the most difficult. When I was around six years old my parents to me to the local zoo. Animal rights hadn't been invented back then. I still vividly remember the bear, in its discomfort. I wrote it with the knowledge that Allepo was being bombed 24/7 by Russian and Syrian planes, although many civilians were still in the city. Those children will remember the bombimg at leastas clearly as I remember the bear.

I fear, that the modern animal rights lobby, missed the point.



I saw a polar bear

In a cage, in a zoo,

In a polar bear sweat,

Standing on a wet rock,

Dejected, defeated,

When I was only six.


That great white furry beast

Was in a tiny space.

I don’t think he could turn.

How could a child measure

Radius - circumference

When it is only six?


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Image - Luminous Landscapes, by the Liverpool Lantern Company. Spring Festival of Light, Liverpool, Feb. 2016

Picture by Annie

The poem was eventually published by New London Writers, but was turned down at its first submission. I resubmitted with the title 'Happy Christmas Aleppo.'

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New poetry in 'Getting to Grips' - now on Amazon