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Brewing Pale Ale and India Pale Ale

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The guide for domestic craft brewers on brewing authentic pale ales, using original 19th century methods. 25 gyles described in detail with critical comments. Brewing methods, details on mashing and sparging, how to construct an original gravity macro-brewery, all laid out for the brewers convenience. Handy pdf file to open on phones, tablets and readers such as Kindle Fire.

The oast house, (title pic) says it all. Pale Ale means hops and more hops; oh - and then some more.Welcome to your copy of the definitive history of brewing Pale Ales and India Pale Ales.

Historical techniques and ingredients are fully discussed and over 20 historical recipes, adapted for the modern Craft Brewer's rig, are described with comments on brewing parameters.

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I hope you will love it. Next up, the definitive Porter and Stout text.  Please take a minute to check out my other books. Put Clive La Pensée in your Amazon search.

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I have been giving this away since 2014. It was supposed to appear as a Kindle ebook, but it won't format satisfactorily.

  • You can download the fully revised version.
  • with 25 historical gyles
  • details for 5 imperial and 5 US gallon brews as well as metric.
  • Analysis of each recipe and how it probably functioned.
  • Download the pdf, which will run on a PC, tablet or phone or device such as Kindle Fire. 
  • And, find details on how to build your own 19th century house brewery.

  • All for £1.99 or $ or € equivalent.

Enjoy the gossip side of things. Why did the India trade collapse?

How can you drink a beer with such extreme hop amounts?

What has the Germania Brauerei got to do with Tsingtao, to do with IPA?