Novel excerpt

Goddesses - 49½ shades of charcoal

Riposte to 50 shades.

I was so disappointed by 50 shades I sat down and wrote a real story, avoiding male/female cliches. That was my intention. Read my heroine's clash with the grey dungeon. More soon on Tannhäuser and Venus, according to Beardsley.

Goddesses - available soon. 75,000 words in 2 books 'The Fall' and 'The Fightback'. 39 chapters

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Abe and Connie go to Baltimore to retrieve the compromising pictures. They stumble across Greg's secret BDSM lair and find his favourite colour is charcoal. They also notice, Greg is obsessed with cleanliness. Time to despoil.

The next room was the dungeon, or so it seemed to me, with racks and tables upon which one could be tied. We studied the options in silence.

‘I wish I’d paid more attention in my physics lessons,’ was how I broke the hush. ‘Look at those pulley systems.’

‘I studied engineering. Get on the table and I’ll show you how it works.’

‘Why me?’ I whined.

‘You said it! You were a bad girl in physics.’

‘OK. Front or back?’

‘Start off on you back. That will smear more beef around.’

I climbed up and Abe began manacling my limbs. Then he attached ropes and looped them over conveniently placed pulley systems. I had to trust him. Inattention in physics or not, the mechanical advantage could have done serious damage. Firstly, my arms were stretched, pointing slightly upwards and then my legs pulled apart. Two more attachments meant he could pull my thighs up.

‘Now what?’ I giggled.

He was rummaging in drawers and eventually produced some kind of mini-vibrator, which he inserted. There was a hum and a tickling, but if I’m honest, erotic thoughts were not on the agenda. I felt plain daft.

‘Can’t you make an effort,’ he complained. ‘You could at least fake an orgasm.’

‘No, I can’t. Ridiculous is ridiculous and I feel ridiculous.’

‘I thought you did ridiculous when you did your Beardsley study.’

‘That was different. Beardsley set a challenge. It was like competing in some kind of Olympic discipline.’

‘I think this is supposed to be ridiculous. It’s about humiliation,’ he said.

‘Oh. I didn’t realise,’ I said with sarcasm, ‘In that case - you do one and I’ll do one.’

‘How do you mean?’

‘You humiliate me and then I’ll do you.’

He wasn’t so certain. What could I have in mind?

‘Hasn’t Greg humiliated enough?’

‘No. I don’t feel humiliated by a man who spied on my sex life. He should be the one who can’t sleep nights. I played a goddess, remember? Inanna, who carried her femininity on her sleeve, for all to view. She wasn’t ashamed of her libido - she was proud of it. Let the hormones rage, who will plough my field! That is what I shall scream in his face. Why do you need to hurt me, to dominate me? Why can’t you love me as your equal? Lilith - remember. Maligned throughout history, because she claimed her love drive was equal to Adam’s. Go fetch the whip if you must, but I will turn your violence against you.’


He took me, stretched me on the table, penetrating, firstly violently, but then with increasing tenderness. We forgot the whip and the paddle. We despoiled his perfect table - left our puddle for Greg to savour.