Clive in Berlin

This story has been withdrawn - pending a new project on Berlin.

 Confessions of an old man in a dry month

by Clive La Pensée.

The City is Berlin. The month is August.

These stories are a ramble through the strange thoughts that occur, when one is old enough not to care, but young enough to notice.

In strength there is weakness and in weakness strength, is the Indian proverb. These stories are a look through a lens at the weaknesses of the young (and strong) and the strengths of the old (and weak).

The thoughts are honest, but not those of a grumpy old man. They are a celebration of youth, with all its vitality and determination to do things differently. This determination is seen through the eyes of someone who would like to still be part of the virile age but knows it would all be far too much like hard work, so he appraises what others get up to and loves them for their unabashed contradictions.

There is also a final set of stories on the trials of past generations and how they dealt with the traumas of war and unemployment, deafness and infirmity.

The stories are raw and sometimes tough - be prepared for a rough ride.