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A new and experimental poetry collection.

Poems are fairly tradional, but the layout and use of full colour photographs throughout, is a first for Clive and Przemek

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Clear water and blue horizons at the website of

Clive La Pensée

Clive used to publish historical beer books under his Montag Publications banner. This imprint no longer exists. Same person, now publishing beer books, poetry and new literature and looking for a publisher and/or agent.

The Last Stop. A Berlin Story. Scored full marks on all reviews.

'What I loved about the book was that the author gave life to a set of very strong and varied main characters.'

'Sex scenes beautifully done.'

Online Book Club. Full 4* maximum.

'The Last Stop is a compulsive page-turner and despite the difficult subject matter it is filled with crackling good humour.'

Alice Wickham - New London Writers

'Excellent! Entertaining and very readable, makes you want to laugh out loud at times and then cry at others. Felt I wanted to look at a map of Berlin to follow where the action was. Clive La Pensée obviously has very good knowledge of the city. Can highly recommend it.'

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Onceworked with New London Writers, providing blogs, book and music reviews, political comment, poetry and wit and repartee. Taking a rest now - but active on

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The Historical Companion to House Brewing – 2nd fully revised edition – is at the printers.

Please note – this book was never published by King’s England Press. How some listings came to have a King’s England ISBN is a mystery. Unscrupulous publishers increase their portfolio by claiming out-of-print books.Worse still, the industry seems unable or unwilling to correct the matter. Kings England have pointed out the error countless times.

It was originally published in 1990 with the Montag Publications ISBN

ISBN 0 9515685 0 7

To avoid confusion, the new edition will have a new Amazon  generated  ISBN.

That aside, we are so happy to finally bring this book, with the correct SGs, and  ISBN, back to craft brewers.

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Stop Press!

Clive's next novel -

Someone tell me what is going on! will be available soon.

‘Someone tell me what is going on!’ Millie Backhouse yells, as she becomes embroiled in a 21st century Downton Abbey.

When 19-year-old waitress Millie takes a summer job with wealthy Lady Vera Ashington at her Suffolk stately home, she has no idea that a mystery will unfold which puts her own life and her family’s business at risk. Unexplained deaths will test her morality. Can the end ever justify the means? Millie takes the moral high ground, and becomes an even bigger health hazard.

 Out Now!

My new crime thriller, The Last Stop - a Berlin Story - explores the dilemma of exploitation. If the exploited defend themselves, can they be above the law? Maria, an innocent linguist from Poland becomes embroiled in the seedier side of Berlin club life. She must fight back to survive. Short term, her tactic works.

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The Last Stop is ready for download as an ebook or free sample, or as paper from Amazon. Click here

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If you have problems getting the paperback version, please drop me an order via the Contact link, and I’ll generate an invoice and dispatch a copy.


Coming Next

Goddesses - a much needed riposte to 50 Shades.

Sometime in 2017.

This is about a woman freeing herself, rather than slipping into subjugation.