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Out NOW! Latest Beer Book additions.  Check your e-reader works with this complex layout. Just download the free pages.

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These are the definitive brewing books on 19th century pale ales and now, out soon, - Stouts and Porters. Full instructions for awesome gyles.

English, US and metric units.

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Stout and Porter - out soon.


Historical Companion to House Brewing - Now available as e-book - (not for e-readers).

History of Brewing – Historical Companion to House-Brewing. ‘One of the ten best ever beer books,' critics have said. 'Ideas wacky enough to last a lifetime of brewing,' another told me.

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New Novel - Someone Tell Me What Is Going On.

Mystery, comedy, suspense. Mendacity, murder and lots of love.
When 19-year-old waitress Millie takes a summer job as companion to wealthy Lady Vera Ashington at her Suffolk stately home, she has no idea that a mystery will unfold which puts her own life and her family’s business at risk. Unexplained deaths will test her morality. Can the end ever justify the means?

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But most important is the free stuff.

1. Free Short stories.

And -

2. even better - free novellas.

3. free flash fiction

And I have collected many of my blogs and publish them under the correct headings, for the first time.

3.  Berlin Blogs

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Much more to come in 2019. So what is the clivelap brand? It is a question every creative person is supposed to ask. Here are my keywords.




I doubt the deliberately obscure have anything worth saying

I'm phobe phobic - no time for xenophobes, misogynists, homophobes.

Lover of men and women who have overcome great adversity, to then go on and produce something great. Great need not be big, or famous – just something they can be proud of.

My a cousin overcame an alcohol problem and went on to make several million. I'm so proud of her - not for the million, but for winning her fight against addiction.

Remember! Everyone is getting something right.

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The Bits We Missed

Ready to read - a set of irreverent poems about a city of culture and the things that won't get into the CoC catalogue.

Nevertheless, they are still Hull, still beautiful and still important.

Click here, to access some sample poems from Clive's last collection - Getting To Grips.

Contact here, to arrange a free evening of Clive's poetry, with stunning photographs, projected onto your screen or dining room wall.

It is all possible, but please email me under <contact about> .

E-book and print versions available here!

The Bits We Missed is full of stunning performance poetry and beautiful photography.

Getting to Grips - A new and experimental poetry collection.

Poems are fairly tradional, but the layout and use of full colour photographs throughout, is a first for Clive and Przemek

Take a look.

Available as e-book and glossy print version. Click here to purchase.

Goto Poetry for samples of poems.

Getting to Grips is full of stunning images. Buy as ebook ( not for e-readers) or glossy paper.

The Last Stop. A Berlin Story. Scored full marks on all reviews.

'What I loved about the book was that the author gave life to a set of very strong and varied main characters.'

'Sex scenes beautifully done.'

Online Book Club. Full 4* maximum.

'The Last Stop is a compulsive page-turner and despite the difficult subject matter it is filled with crackling good humour.'

Alice Wickham - New London Writers

'Excellent! Entertaining and very readable, makes you want to laugh out loud at times and then cry at others. Felt I wanted to look at a map of Berlin to follow where the action was. Clive La Pensée obviously has very good knowledge of the city. Can highly recommend it.' Amazon reader comment.

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 Out Now!

My new crime thriller, The Last Stop - a Berlin Story - explores the dilemma of exploitation. If the exploited defend themselves, can they be above the law? Maria, an innocent linguist from Poland becomes embroiled in the seedier side of Berlin club life. She must fight back to survive. Short term, her tactic works.

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